All vendors must show Vehicle Liability Insurance and Valid Space Receipt prior to driving onto the Swap Meet Grounds. You will not be allowed to drive inside without the above two items.
People at Cypress College Swap Meet


HOURS: Sellers EntranceShoppers EntranceOfficeOffice Truck (Located in Parking Lot #5)
Friday:10am – 3pm
Saturday:5am – 7am** 6am – 4pm8am – 3pm7am – 8am
Sunday:5am – 7am**6am – 4pm8am – 3pm7am – 8am

Space Fees

Space FeesNon-Reserve Vendors
Saturday: $48 to $93 in advance / $53 to $98 day of event *
Sunday:$60 to $125 in advance / $65 to $130 day of event *
* Prices vary depending on size and location of space.

Ex: Average Space fees: 30ftx19ft = 3 Parking spaces: Saturday $63 Sunday $80

**All Vendors must be in their space by the posted times or their space may be sold to another vendor.

**There is no driving on the property between 9:00 am – 2:30 pm.

Spaces must be vacated and cleaned, including empty boxes prior to 5:30 pm.

**YOU MUST have a valid California Dept. of Tax and Fee Re-Sale permit and a valid ID or Drivers License in your possession during every transaction. (You do not need a Re-Sale Permit if you are a first time vendor or have not sold in 1 year) NO EXCEPTIONS

**All Permanent Vendors with the last name A-L must pay their Monthly Fees for the following month on or before the 2nd Sunday of the current month
Vendors with the last name M-Z must pay their monthly fees on or before the 3rd Sunday of the current month for the up coming month.

Want to purchase a space?

Weekly Drawing

Two separate drawings are held on Friday at the Cypress College Swap Meet Office. (Located in Parking Lot 9)

The first drawing is for Saturday spaces only, and takes place at 10am. The second drawing is for Sunday spaces only, and takes place at 11am.

All spaces sold for upcoming weekend only.

Priority Information

Priorities are only available at the Friday drawings.

You can purchase a priority for the upcoming weekend only. Priorities are stand-by numbers. Persons holding a priority must go to Parking Lot 5 at 7:00 am on Saturday and/or 7:00 am on Sunday. The cost is $45, which $20 will be credited towards your space fee on the day of event.

You will be reserved in line for the day of event space availability.

Day of Event Spaces

We also have a drawing each Saturday and Sunday morning.

The Saturday morning drawing is held at 7:00 am. The Sunday morning drawing is held at 7:00 am. These drawing will be held in Parking Lot 5 at the Cypress Swap Meet Office Truck.

These spaces are for the day of event only. (same day)

Monthly Spaces

The last Friday of every month. A Monthly Saturday space bid will be held at 10am. This bid is for Saturday spaces for the entire Upcoming Month.

A Monthly Sunday space bid will be held at 11am. This Bid is for Sunday spaces for the entire Upcoming Month.

All drawings will be held after the Monthly Bids if required.    

These spaces are good for one month only.

Saturday and Sunday daily vendor price listings

Space SizeSat. AdvanceSat. MorningSun. AdvanceSun. Morning
2 = 20’ X 15’$48.00$53.00$60.00$65.00
3 = 30’ X 19’$63.00$68.00$80.00$85.00
4 = 40’ X 19’$78.00$83.00$105.00$110.00
5 = 50’ X 19’$93.00$98.00$125.00$130.00
RED CURB 30’ X 10’$78.00$83.00$105.00$110.00


The Swap Meet

Main Office hours


9:30am – 3pm

Saturday – Sunday

8am – 3pm

Day of Event Office Truck hours

Saturday – Sunday

8am – 3pm